As part of my normal business, I sometimes host a fun little giveaway.  This one will require an answer as a response, though, as it is a guessing game!  I am giving away a $30 visa gift card to the person who can correctly guess how many individual people my ads have reached so far. Here's some information to help you with your guess:

  • I have had close to 30 advertisements, all for separate purposes, some with multiple sub-ads (i.e. I have an advertisement to promote listings, but the sub ads are for separate listings)

  • The timeline goes back to 2016.

  • These are not "blanket ads" they are highly targeted with specific demographics in mind.

  • These ads are on the Facebook/Instagram platform

  • This is not for how many people my ads "could reach" but how many individual (non repeat) people have had my ads in front of them.

  • Take into consideration my gap year during 2018, where I had my quarter life crisis and moved to Italy.

  • The number is between 1 and 250,000.

This giveaway will run for 3 weeks and close on February 29th .  The winner will be announced on my Facebook Page on March 1st and the gift card will be mailed to them.

Enter Your Guess!
Extra Question: Are you planning on buying and/or selling within the next 12 months?

Anthony Ruperto

J Philip Real Estate


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